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Red Steel™

By learning the ancient art of Japanese fighting with your katana and the focused precision of modern firearms, you will progress and adapt yourself to this foreign environment, where skills alone may not guarantee you victory.

Rayman® Raving Rabidds

They’re small, cute and smooth… However, those rabbids just want to destroy our world. There’s gonna be over 70 wacky trials to go through if Rayman wants to stop them.

This Christmas, the world’s fate depends on Cow Throwing, Pig Milking and Plunger Hunting...

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent™

Sam Fisher is back but he’s never faced an enemy like this before. In order to stop a devastating attack on American soil, you must infiltrate and destroy a vicious terrorist group from within. Lie. Kill. Sabotage. Betray. You choose.


Open Season™

Open Season™ is the story of Boog, a 900 pound domesticated Grizzly bear, and Elliot, an annoying, cowardly one-horned mule deer in Timberline.

Experience the emotional rollercoaster of the movie, as Boog transforms himself from a mild bear to a wild grizzly and interact with all your favourite animals from the movie to help drive the hunters out of the forest.

Far Cry® Vengeance
Coming soon


This isn’t your average tropical vacation. Instead of lounging by the pool, you’re being hunted by vicious bloodthirsty mercenaries. But they’ll have another thing coming. Using your Wii™ controller as an extension of your own body, you can make those mercs wish they’d never been born. Lock and load, baby.

GT Pro Series

Get on your sofa and grab the steering wheel to become the ultimate driver of more than 80 Japanese cars. Customise your car and race it on any one of the 10 tracks, choosing up to 5 modes, including the drift mode to add to the thrill. Have a blast with your friends, thanks to the multiplayer mode that allows up to 4-players to race on a split screen!

Monster 4x4 World Circuit

Monster 4x4 World Circuit is an arcade racing game that perfectly fits Nintendo Wii’s accessible gameplay approach. Bundled with a free steering wheel, it will give you the real simulation of driving a Monster 4x4 during 20 exciting circuits, even more so once you have customised and upgraded the truck! Have more fun challenging up to 3 of your friends on the 4-player split-screen or by playing 1 of the 3 exclusive mini game modes.

Blazing Angels™ Squadrons of WWII

COMING 2007 - Experience the most gripping and famous battles of WWII through the eyes of a squadron commander and ace fighter pilot. From the Battle of Britain to the battle of Berlin, your pilot skills will create WWII history. Dominate the skies of Western Europe and the Pacific and bring your squadron of Blazing Angels back alive.